Frequently Ask Questions


Unfortunately due to compliance and other reasons, BioReigns does not ship any CBD products outside the USA. BioReigns does ship non-CBD related products to Canada and we plan to be shipping world wide as soon as we possible can.
Bioreigns products are proudly manufactured in the USA.
BioReigns shipping occurs from the moment you place your order and leaves our warehouse within 7 business days. Once the products leaves our hands you can track your BioReigns package through standard tracking protocols. (Please be aware many shipping companies are experiencing delays and a higher percentage of lost packages under today's conditions) If it is documented that your products have not reached their destination 30 days after leaving our warehouse and are "deemed" lost. BioReigns will send out a replacement package at no cost to you.
Bioreigns’ products and their ingredients can be found on their respective product pages, product sheets, shopping page, and on the labels.
Yes. The Certificate of Analysis for the raw material of CBD used in BioReigns products can be found on the documentation page of this website.
Wholesale is available through BioReigns. For more information speak to the rep who introduced you to BioReigns for more information.
BioReigns products are formulated in a manner where people can take multiple products within the same day or at the same time. Please consult your physician before you begin taking any new supplement(s)
Becoming a BioReigns Rep is easy! Simply go to the person who introduced you to BioReigns replicated website and click the "SIGN UP" button and begin filling out your information!
Immediately! As soon as you fill in your information and purchase a package your replicated website goes live and you can start your new journey with BioReigns! Good Luck!
There are many places online that have ideas about how much each type of animal may need. This is most likely based on the type of animal, age, weight etc. Please consult with your vet before giving your pets an new supplment(s)
For the most part the Daily Tincture should not make you sleepy, however, each person is different and you could become sleepy with the Daily.
Your skin! Most people use this product on their face, however, it is safe for your entire body.
The gummy bears are not vegan, however, we do offer organic! Our Tinctures and Limitless are vegan!
Each person is different BioReigns suggests the following, however, please consult your physician before using any new supplement(s). Tincture products use a suggested serving size of 1mL. Limitless suggests 1-2 capsules. Gummy Bears - 2 bears.
The only product we offer that contains THC is our CBD Daily Full Spectrum tincture. It has a white cap to distinguish it from all our other tinctures. In compliance with the law, this tincture is no more than 0.3% THC.